Season 3 Trailer: The NEW Home & Family Culture Podcast

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The time has finally arrived! A new season of the podcast!

Announcing season 3 of the NEW home & family culture podcast! It is now “Our Modern Heritage” to represent the culmination of the collaboration and reconciliation between honoring history while writing our own.

Family culture is about the values and traditions that make your family who you are, and it is about creating your own legacy while honoring the legacy of your ancestors.

The mission of this brand is to help families intentionally discover and design their family culture to reflect the vision and values they have for their families. It isn’t enough to rush around “putting out fires” or event to just defend ourselves. We need to create a solid offense, or plan for how to guard our family culture to keep it from falling apart.

Learn more at and follow along on Instagram at @familyculturepodcast


New episodes will be broadcast on Tuesdays, and I will host a live Q&A on Instagram on Thursdays at 7pm.

I look forward to chatting with you about this topic, and I hope you know I am in your corner rooting for you and your family culture!



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