beyondBeanie, a social fashion brand that empowers artisans and helps children in need in Bolivia

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Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her creation and whom you can meet and greet through our website or even in person if you ever travel to Bolivia.

At the present time, beyondBeanie is collaborating with 23 artisans from El Alto, La Paz and Cochabamba, who have the privilege of working from home which allows them to earn a living without having to disattend their children and families.

Our focus is to work with the most needed women, usually coming from rural areas and/or disadvantaged communities, who are trained in the art of weaving and knitting by members of our team.

1 beanie = 5 meals 
1 bag = 1 set of school supplies
1 poncho = 1 school uniform
1 bracelet = dental care
These are cool products with a purpose. I really like the beanies and bracelets! The bracelets also support specific causes if you purchase the sets. Things like breast cancer awareness, child cancer awareness, safe drinking water for all awareness, etc.
I’m happy to support a company that has a higher interest than just making more profits. This is a cause I don’t mind getting behind because it is supporting families to be entrepreneurs, it is helping families to support themselves, and it is helping us all become more aware of the needs to serve each other in this world. I hope you’ll go check out there great products.
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