Blog: 10 Crucial Homeschool Authors

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While I have read many books from these authors, many are yet on my list to read. I want to explore more about each of these authors, and get your feedback about how their books have inspired the education in your home. I’m sure I have missed some, but these are the ones I’m interested in right now. These will get you started. Tell me more about your favorite homeschool influencers on my Instagram.

While my homeschool philosophy is generally leadership education, I am drawn to a more eclectic style to include some unschool, some Charlotte Mason, and some, well, freestyle education.ย 

If you are considering homeschool for your family, or want to learn more about how to give your kids a great education whether you homeschool or not, consider checking out some books by these authors:

John Holt

Considered the founder of unschooling, John Holt just might convert you to the power of home education. He believed learning happens all the time, anywhere. Parents’ role is to establish an environment that fosters learning. But, don’t stop there. Keep reading.

Some of his work:

Charlotte Mason

Thought of as the mother of home education, Charlotte Mason’s approach will help you feel empowered to teach your young children with good habits, nurturing, nature, and narration.

Some of her work, and others who support her work:

John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto is the traditional education skeptic. He was a teacher in New York City’s public schools for over 30 years and is a recipient of the New York State Teacher of the Year award. But, he was not convinced that compulsory education is the best way to get an education.

Some of his work:

Raymond and Dorothy Moore

I love Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore’s work. They will convince you that every young child does not need compulsory education, but that what they need is a nurturing environment, and engaged parents.

Some of their work:

Oliver DeMille

Oliver is the founder of A Thomas Jefferson Education, along with his wife Rachel DeMille whom I had the honor of interviewing early on in my podcast. ย Oliver is the ultimate mentor to leadership education. His philosophy includes mission-based education, including the study of classics, creating an enriching home environment, and guidance through mentors. The first mentors being parents.

Some of his work:

Richard and Linda Eyre

Well, who doesn’t know the Eyre’s? They have made it their ministry to help parents lead out for their children. They don’t necessarily promote homeschool, though you may have heard of Joy School if you have ever tried that preschool co-op. That is their work.

Some of their work:

Neil Flinders

I’m interested in Neil Flinders’ book, but I admit I haven’t read it yet. I am very interested in the importance of maintaining our agency, and I look forward to diving into this book!

His work, and one more to consider:

Steven Covey

My idol. Just read his books. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of his work:

Grace Llewellyn

I’m very interested in this author. I truly hope that when my kids get older they will read about how to take their education into their own hands, and truly get passionate about learning!

Her work:

Marlene Peterson

Marlene is another person I had the honor of interviewing for the podcast. I highly respect Marlene and her work. Marlene champion’s heart education!

Her work:


Who are your favorite homeschool influencers? Come over to my Instagram page and let me know!

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