Blog: A Guide to Your Family Meetings

Lately, on Instagram, I have been focusing on how we hold regular family meetings! I am super excited to share with you this concept because our family meetings have seriously enriched our family culture!

There are many great reasons to hold family meetings. Among those reasons are these:

  1. Unity: you have to come together for these meetings and prioritize your family.
  2. Collaboration: having these meetings takes planning, and you organize yourselves to discuss what is important for your family.
  3. Values: family meetings create space to discuss what is important, what you believe, and how you can accomplish the vision you have for your family.
  4. Quality time: these meetings carve out time together when life is so busy. Planning these meetings makes it easier to say NO to things that don’t serve your family.
  5. Respect: cultivating your relationships, and learning about one another’s needs helps your family learn to respect and appreciate one another.

So, here are the family meetings I have discussed:

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Couple meetings:

  • Couple devotional = Daily kneeling together to pray, and read from your family canon/scripture. Michael and I do this every night. We each read three verses, and then say our own, silent prayers before going to bed.
  • Couple date = Every week, do something alone together for fun! We have started swapping babysitting with other families to make date night more affordable. Some nights, we just stay in and plan on a date after the kids go to bed. We watch a movie, eat a fun meal, or play a card game.
  • Executive Council = Mom and dad come together to discuss the needs of each family member, and the collective ย needs of the family. They discuss schedules, finances, and anything that needs to be settled.
  • Couple retreat = At least annually, get away for a night (or more). Take the time while your away to set up plans for the year, discuss needs, discuss changes, and clear your heads!

Limited family meetings:

  • Daddy/Mommy date = One-on-one time with mom or dad. We try to do this every week and rotate through our kids. These could also be spontaneous time with your child.
  • Mentor meetings = Mom and dad sitting down with an individual child to discuss their needs, and goals.

Collective family meetings:

  • Family devotional = Coming together daily to pray, and read from your family canon/scripture, or recite your family mission statement, or speak affirmations.
  • Family Home Evening (family night) = A weekly activity that involves a spiritual/moral lesson, prayers, singing, an activity or service project, and a treat.
  • Family Council = The family comes together to coordinate schedules, and counsel together about supporting each others’ needs.
  • Family retreat = getting away as a family for a fun vacation, and taking the time while on this vacation to take an inventory of how your family culture is doing; whether this vehicle is taking you toward your family vision, or not, and make adjustments.
  • Semi-annual purge = Twice a year, take the time to declutter your home and schedules!
  • Extended family reunion = Take the time to connect with relatives to listen to stories, collect histories, and just appreciate being a part of something bigger than yourself. Remember, kids who know their family histories are more resilient (see this article).

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Here are a few places I learned about family meetings:

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Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning

A House United: Changing Children’s Hearts and Behaviors by Teaching Self Governmentย 

“Family Councils” by M. Russell Ballard

How do we fit all of this in? We make them a priority! Also, even though we try to do these meetings regularly, it’s ok if regularly for some of these meetings is once or twice a month. Something is better than nothing! It’s also a practice that takes time to figure out what works for your family. The goal is consistency! When these things become an expectation, or a tradition, they become a part of the fabric of your family culture.

If you would like to know more about family meetings, you can download your family meetings guide, and start planning out ways to hold your own family meetings! Your download is available by clicking right here! ๐Ÿ™‚

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