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When I started this journey, I thought I had an idea what family culture was and what it looks like. Now as I progress on my path, I’m learning about amazing resources that I want to emulate. In the meantime, I hope these sources will help you learn more about how you can develop your family culture, too. I’m sure there are so many more great resources. I have interviewed stellar people who are providing amazing content and courses and coaching for couples and families that I sincerely recommend. Here are the ones I can suggest in no particular order:

  1. The Art of Manliness

I love the Art of Manliness because they have explored so many angles of family culture. Their site is an amazing resource for men, but as an extension, families!

  1. World School Academy

I interviewed Greg Denning when I first got started with my podcast, and he is so incredible! The work he is doing is so amazing, and to top it off, he and his amazing wife have created a course to help you with family culture! I recommended it, and as of writing this, it’s on sale for FREE!

  1. A Mother Far From Home

My friend Shelly pointed this resource out to me. I love what Rachel is doing, and her posts are great! She has created a workbook for your family culture that looks sweet! I haven’t purchased it myself yet but I think it’s great that someone is creating this kind of content in this subject!

  1. The Family Culture Project

Kimberly was on the podcast recently after she launched her podcast on family culture. She’s amazing, and has amazing content on family culture!

  1. A Thomas Jefferson Education

This is an education resource, but the more I learn about it the more I feel like it is a guide for any family that wants to be conscientious about their family culture. I also had Rachel on the podcast early on in my journey, and I love what they are doing to serve families.

  1. Teaching Self Government

Nicholeen was my very first guest on my podcast! Her books are all about family culture and creating a vision, standards, and roles for your family. If your family struggles with communication, this is the place to go!

  1. Brené Brown

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Brené and her work. I believe that if more people studied her work and understood what she is talking about, we would live on a whole new planet. If families could be vulnerable and open together; if we could truly understand the difference between shame, guilt, embarrassment, and humiliation; if we knew how to treat those conditions with the appropriate remedy, like empathy, compassion, patience, kindness, love, and forgiveness; we would all be a lot better off!

  1. Aha Parenting

Here is a course on how to have a more peaceful approach to parenting. These are also great books!

  1. Dr. Shefali

Dr. Shefali’s approach to parenting and family is amazing because it is all about presence. I believe the best thing we can do to create the best vision and environment for our families is being mindful and present. If you haven’t read her book “The Awakened Family” yet, check it out!

  1. Neufeld Institute

“Hold on to Your Kids” has been one of the most insightful parenting books I have read yet. On this site there are loads of resources and courses.

  1. Well-Educated Heart

Marlene was on an episode of my podcast, too! I had to have her on to talk about the importance of heart education, and our influence as parents to encourage the hearts of our children, and guide them to gain more than just a mind education. Her site is loaded with free resources: classic books, training, her Mother’s University and the Delphian courses are designed to give women an education to match a college degree. Everything on this site is beautiful.

  1. Ellyn Satter Institute

This is all about how we influence our families around food. I have an affinity for this information because nutrition was my emphasis in college. There is so much of our culture that centers on how and what we eat, and our attitudes around food. This site is all about the way we treat food that shapes our relationship with it, and with each other.

Honorable Mention:

Our Whole Village

I just stumbled onto this resource but I love their family manifesto!

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