Episode 050: Growing Up an Entrepreneur with Christopher O’Rear

About this episode There are so many similarities to starting and growing a business, and growing a family. When you start a business, you need to have a clear reason why you’re doing what you do, and a goal about how to accomplish your purposes. You need to create a mission statement. There are also…

Episode 049: Jade Jones – Global Cuisine and Family Mealtime

I had a great time talking with Jade, and catching up with her! She and I met eleven years ago while attending school at Brigham Young University. Since then, we both have started our families, and our projects! Jade started her blog, Jonesin’ for Taste nine years ago to share her favorite easy recipes, and maybe…

Confessions of a Mompreneur

It’s still Tuesday somewhere, right! I felt like I owe it to you to explain why there was no regularly scheduled episode. I want to be consistent with you, and provide you with useful content every week! Subscribe to my newsletter, and join me on Instagram for updates! Thank you for following along on this…