Episode 004: Rachel Demille – Prioritizing Our Family Culture

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Rachel DeMille of TJEd.org discussing how we can prioritize our family culture and realign with our values.  This is really just a preview of the information that Rachel has available on her website.  She is adding value daily helping families shape their family culture.

I would also appreciate if you would look into the DeMille’s content on liberty.  Rachel touches on this topic only for a moment, and I didn’t have the time or presence of mind to dive into it deeper.  But, more and more our family culture needs to center around liberty, self-government, educating ourselves on current events.  I believe this is a topic very important to the DeMilles.

Find Rachel DeMille’s work at TJEd.org

I also mentioned Leadership Education – The Phases of Learning, and excellent guide by Oliver and Rachel DeMille.

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