Episode 025: Blaine & Audrey Rindlisbacher – 12 Principles of Successful Marriage

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About Blaine and Audrey

When traditional marriage therapy failed them, Blaine and Audrey Rindlisbacher became intensely passionate about finding the answers to what makes successful marriages work. Their commitment to finding the answers has driven them to make significant time and financial sacrifices in order to send Blaine through both a difficult and lengthy Liberal Arts Bachelor’s Program and an intensive Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Degree Program at Liberty University while raising and providing for 6 children. In addition to his degree programs, Blaine has spent 100’s of hours reading every marriage and relationship book he could find. Through his study and experiences in his own marriage, Blaine discovered the GREATEST SECRET to obtaining and maintaining a fulfilling marriage—the 12 PRINCIPLES of Happy Marriages! As he’s used these principles in his Couple’s Coaching Practice, he has been overjoyed to watch these principles work miracles in the lives of the husbands and wives who apply them. In an effort to make these principles available to couples everywhere, Blaine and Audrey have worked together to found ADORE YOUR SPOUSE where couples can learn more about the 12 Principles, take the FREE Marriage Assessment, watch FREE weekly tip videos, sign up for a FREE online class and get involved in other programs that will strengthen their marriage. Find these free marriage tools and more at AdoreYourSpouse.com!

From This Episode

Principles are true, whether they are principles of health and wealth, or principles of a successful marriage.  You know that the principles of health are physical activity, good nutrition, rest, healthcare, etc. You know the principles of wealth are saving, getting out of debt, and investing.  Marriage success has the same kind of principles.

Living the principles of a successful marriage are like a muscle, a skill you can strengthen with practice and consistency.

Follow along with the principles we discuss on Adore Your Spouse.

Each of these principles build on the one before it, so you need to master each one in sequence.  Principles 1, 2, 3, and 4 address our personal development.  Principles 4-10 are about becoming informed and educating ourselves about marriage, ourselves, and our spouse.  Principles 9-12 are about taking your marriage to the next level of relationship, becoming supportive and unified. Listen in for all the details, and understand how each principle leads into the next one.  Blaine’s practice is to coach individuals and couples through each of these principles in sequence.  I really consider him an authority because he has experienced the process of learning these principles for himself.

  1. Put your marriage first
  2. Ensure individual needs are met
  3. Regularly forgive and repent
  4. Safeguard against addiction and abuse
  5. Frequently express love and make sacrifices for your spouse
  6. Respect and appreciate your differences
  7. Truly understand your spouse and yourself
  8. Build and preserve complete trust
  9. Engage in kind and effective communication
  10. Maintain healthy boundaries
  11. Clarify roles and fulfill responsibilities
  12. Create unity in all areas of the marriage

Audrey mentioned the author Scott Peck – the opposite of love is laziness.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman – Do you know your spouse’s love language?

Living After The Manner of Happiness by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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