Episode 030: Kimberly Amici – Using Family Retreats to Develop your Family Culture

Kimberly is known for her creativity, strong faith, and commitment to living life with purpose and passion. Together with her husband Carl, she is the co-founder of The Family Culture Project, which empowers families to create a thriving family culture. Kimberly is also a life coach, entrepreneur, designer, and co-host of the Slice of Life podcast. She writes on her personal blog as well as for Faith Gateway and More to Be. She lives with her husband and their three children in the NYC suburbs.

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From This Episode

Family culture is similar to corporate culture.

“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins: helping to define what culture is and what it looks like.

“The Hands-Off Manager: How to Mentor People and Allow them to be Successful” by Steve Chandler: allowing space for our children to grow and be guided by our beliefs even when we are apart.

Family culture is a reflection of who you are as a family. Family evaluations allow the family to pick out characteristics that family members can work on, or how they can better honor their family mission.

Annual retreats give your family a chance to step away and evaluate what is working and how you can improve. Retreats give everyone space to speak and feel heard.

Value words mean little until you turn them into a verb. Define what each of the words in your values mean and stand for so there is meaning and purpose behind the words. Progress becomes measurable when you define what the values mean.

“Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship” by MJ DeMarco: Action taking vs. Action faking.

“Fundamentally Different” by David J. Friedman: defining your character/value words, turning values into practices.

Family culture is a lot like branding. When you go to a store or restaurant, their brand is obvious because of their commercials and slogans, colors and character. Families are the same way. You can tell what a family’s culture is like when you go into a home and see what they identify with. How does your home make people feel? How do you identify yourself? What is your family brand?

“Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take Action” by Simon Sinek: Your why is what will allow you endure any obstacle. In the “12 Week Year,” Brian P. Moran says that a lack of passion is not a crisis of passion, but a crisis of vision. It’s important to define your why so you can fuel the passion for following through with your family vision.

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