Episode 032: Lindsay Goulet – Exercise is so much more than self-care!

Dr. Lindsay Goulet is the founder of Hot Mama Health & Fitness Ltd, a fitness franchise company dedicated to building community through family fitness. She uses her Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology to motivate and inspire women to not only get active, eat well and become healthy role models but to also accept and love their bodies. Using the franchise system and finding incredible women to work with, Lindsay has been able to spread the word of family fitness from her home, with her kids right beside her.

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Lindsay’s mom was an aerobics instructor so she grew up loving fitness and seeing it as a chance to be with friends doing something fun.

Exercise is not self care, it is essential care!

Exercise is mental care. Exercise is about giving yourself energy, improving your sleep, improving your health overall, aside from whether or not you lose weight.

You will not be in a worse mood when you get over a workout.

Exercise is a great way to diffuse anxiety. Lindsay has set an example for her kids that exercise is a stress relief.

Go for a walk with your kids to diffuse stress and it has a dual purpose: movement, and connection!

Our bodies are incredible!


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