Episode 055: The Family Board Meeting with Jim Sheils

When my oldest turned nine this year, it really dawned on me that we are already halfway through her childhood, and that we only have as much time left with her as we’ve had so far. It was alarming to think that we really only have nine short years left with her!

This idea that we only have these 18 Summers with our children is so important to remember. We aren’t going to suddenly have a good relationship with them when they are teens, or adults! The relationships we have with our children needs to start when they are young by establishing regular times when you can spend quality time together.

Jim calls these times “rhythms” that allow him to have regular, consistent times with his wife and children to foster communication and strengthen the relationship one-on-one. He calls them the family board meetings. He talks about all of these rhythms in his book “The Family Board Meeting: You Have 18 Summers to Create Lasting Connection with Your Children.” 

The reality is that whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, life is busy. And, life can get away from us if we aren’t intentional about how we spend our time. Jim talks about how important it is to be grounded in your values, and making sure that family is at the heart of your priorities. When we lose that connection with our family, we are left feeling guilty and depressed. Our family connections can not only strengthen us, they can heal us!

[1:18] Introducing Jim Sheils
[2:45] We only have 18 summers with our children, and the time goes by fast!
[6:20] Overwork is a “badge of honor” that detracts from family time
[8:25] Work and family life required integration
[9:30] Jim shares his story about establishing a relationship with his sons
[15:08] Board meetings are the “crazy glue”
[15:53] The “board meeting”
[17:02] Jim’s definition of family culture
[19:30] The difference between rhythms and habits
[22:05] How to establish these rhythms and encourage your family to participate
[22:54] Quality time spent with the individual is not time to lecture or have a hidden agenda.
[24:30] Simple and effective board meetings
[26:52] Where to connect with Jim
[27:25] My closing remarks

About Jim

Motivated by what he saw as one of the most tragic challenges of modern life—the disconnection of busy entrepreneurs from their families—Jim developed the Family Board Meeting process to help business owners bridge the gaps between themselves and their loved ones.

Since then, both Jim’s message and his book, the Amazon best-seller “The Family Board Meeting,” have spread around the globe. Often called “Crazy Glue” for families, Jim’s popular and simple frameworks now reach thousands of parents worldwide, helping them feel more connected with their kids, be happier at home and leave a lasting legacy.

Jim is the founder of 18 Summers, which specializes in live events, workshops and private consulting for organizations looking to strengthen their family lives while still succeeding in business. He’s an in-demand public speaker, and owns a private real estate company that has done more than $200 million in transactions.

Jim is an avid surfer and enjoys traveling with family and friends, especially his beautiful wife Jamie and their four children, Alden, Leland, Magnolia, and Sampson. His greatest adventure to date? Donating a kidney to the best guy on the planet, his father.

To contact Jim about media appearances or speaking at your event, visit www.JimSheils.com or www.18Summers.com


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