Episode 067: Decision-Making and The Power of Family Councils with Chanelle Neilson

I have found a common theme when discussing an effective culture: meetings and councils. Every time I read a book about communication, or problem-solving, or talk with a guest about creating a family culture, it often involves some kind of meeting, or sitting down to discuss plans, goals, values, or conflict resolution.

Chanelle and I had a great conversation about how to hold effective family councils. She told me about great ways to diffuse hard feelings, or teenage eye-rolling when somebody in your family calls for a family meeting.

  1. make it fun
  2. don’t only call a meeting to discuss serious things
  3. put personal devices aside and focus on the meeting
  4. allow for open discussion

Holding councils allows for a family culture to feel open and welcoming. The family should be a safe place to discuss difficult topics. Regularly holding a family council, even to discuss fun things like planning the summer or creating a new tradition, will allow space for our families to open up about more serious matters. Chanelle shared an experience about when her son wanted to discuss politics during the latest Presidential election. He brought up his concerns during an impromptu family council!

Here are three great resources Chanelle and I talked about to help with your family councils! Even Chanelle’s own book: Parenting with Purpose!

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[2:48] Purpose of Moms Who Know Podcast
[4:23] Why family councils are so important to our family culture
[6:21] Why have family councils is empowering for our families
[7:09] What is a family council?
[8:36] Ways to use family councils to make decisions and resolve problems
[12:55] Councils sometimes as training opportunities, but not always
[13:45] Companionship councils and other councils
[17:17] Chanelle shares a story of counseling about the National election
[20:27] How to diffuse reluctance to come together to counsel
[24:40] Best-practices for effective family councils
[26:00] Family council is a tool to serve your family
[28:30] Chanelle’s resource recommendations
[29:12] Chanelle’s definition of legacy

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