Episode 078: What To Do When Your Youth are Failing to Launch with Greg Denning

Greg Denning is a Total Transformation mentor and coach, and the creator of The School of Awesome-Sauce coaching program.ย  He has been inspiring and training families for the last 21 years on 5 different continents. He grew up in a broken home and ended up out on his own at 16.ย  He studied voraciously to learn the principles and practices of those who live purposeful, meaningful, happy lives. Greg was determined find the keys to success, build an epic life and then help others do the same.ย  He and his wife Rachel now have 7 children and have been worldschooling around the globe with their family for the last twelve years. They are passionate about family, education and adventure! They inspire and train ordinary families to live EXTRAORDINARY LIVES.

I am SO excited to have Greg back on the show! He was one of the first guests I EVER had on my podcast almost three years ago! He was so gracious to agree to come back!

I had a great time talking with Greg. I bumped into him in Nashville earlier this year, and again last week in Williamsburg. He has such a powerful, and needed message for parents and youth!!

Greg and I talked about why youth these days are experiencing what he calls a "failure to launch." Basically, good parents, good kids, and good families are turning out young adults who don't know how to cope with growing up!

These aren't families who are struggling with communication, or substance abuse, or anything like that. These are families just like yours and mine!

I learned from Greg what's going on in our families that is keeping our youth in a developmental stage before adulthood where they are still living at home in their twenties, struggling to leave home to serve missions or go to college or get jobs!

Kids these days are too safe! They are too coddled, too sheltered, protected too much from challenges that build resilience and fortify personal ability to cope with challenges.

Greg told me about how to cultivate resilience and bravery in our kids. He said they need two things: to study and be taught from the lives of great heroes; and have epic, challenging (and safe) experiences that force them to grow physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and socially.

Did you know Greg offers EPIC courses for parents and teens?? He is on a mission to support families to prepare their teens to launch into adulthood with confidence and integrity. Click on the button below to learn more about Greg's courses.

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