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Hi friends!

I will be launching my very own podcast about home and family culture!!  Soon I will be airing a description of what inspired me to pursue this topic.  I will be interviewing parents, educators, coaches, and leaders about how the culture in our home and families influences the hearts, minds, spirits, and bodies of our children.  I was inspired by kids who are making it, and I wondered what was different about their homes and families that has made their success possible.  I’m inspired by parents who seem to be raising stellar kids.  Is that just a front, or is there something different going on there? 

I want to know what is going on in our homes and families that is creating an intentional culture.  When I’m talking about home and family culture, I’m talking about what you default to as a family.  It’s the tone you use with each other when you speak. It’s the activities you are most comfortable with. It’s conversation, discussion, relationships. It’s traditions. It’s beliefs and customs. It’s routines and expectations. It’s roles and responsibilities. It’s attitudes about and toward each other and the environment. Mantras. Mission statements. And I want to know how these cultures are shaping our nation.

I’m so excited to get started on this journey! I hope you will join me!


About the author, Jodi

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my husband, Michael, and our four young kids. We homeschool, and work remotely, so I guess we may take this on the road some day! I have a bachelor's degree from George Mason University in Health Promotion Studies, but I attended five different universities before finally finishing while I was expecting my third baby! I'm a returned missionary from the Hawaii Honolulu Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm sort of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, but I do enjoy reading personal development and parenting books, finding new ways to enjoy exercising, and learning more about being an entrepreneur.

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