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Our Modern Heritage: The NEW Home & Family Culture Podcast

I started this show to explore what it takes to have an intentional family culture! So far, I have learned that it takes getting clear on your collective and united vision, values, and traditions that create your family identity, and legacy.

Listen in as I discuss this topic with authors, experts, and other creators who care about the well-being of our families, and the impact our family culture has on the success of our families and the future.

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Episode 021: New Year, New Goals (Solo Episode)

Solo episodes are really just a few of my thoughts.  I hope you’ll find this episode helpful as you plan your 2018 goals.  It’s just a short episode, and I STILL have a scratchy voice.  It’s been, like, two months or something!  I think you’ll find the content insightful and brief. Thank you again for…

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Episode 020: Merrilee Boyack Raising Independent Children

Merrilee Boyack loves life and loves every season of life–especially this one!  She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, four sons, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren and discussing politics.   She is an estate-planning attorney preparing trust, wills and powers of attorney and her law practice covers Utah and California.  Merrilee is also a professional lecturer…

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Episode 019: Bolaji Oyejide – Brave Young Heroes

BOLAJI O (DOCTOR HERO) is a superhero movie producer and the bestselling author of the 50-book Brave Young Heroes series.  His goal is to give every kid who’s ever felt like an underdog, a superhero that is just like them. Bolaji uses story to teach children how to overcome adversity, and change the world. This…

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Episode 018: MJ DeMarco – Raising Kids with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

MJ DeMarco is a semi-retired entrepreneur, investor, self-made multimillionaire and international best-selling author of The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted, Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship. He currently is the founder of Viperion Corporation, a small publishing company and The Fastlane Forum, a worldwide  global business community with over 40,000 entrepreneurs registered and over 500,000 …

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Episode 017: Wendy Ulrich on Forgiveness and Apologies

Wendy Ulrich, PhD, MBA, has been a practicing psychologist for over twenty years, and is the co-author with Dave Ulrich of the Wall Street Journal best seller, The Why of Work: How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations that Win (2010, McGraw Hill), as well as other books on personal change including Forgiving Ourselves: Getting Back…

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Episode 016: Jody Moore of Bold New Mom

Jody Moore is the owner and Lead Coach at Bold New Mom where she helps women with LDS values improve their relationships, their confidence and their lives. She believes that if you want to impact the world, the most effective entry point is mothers. She is honored to work with adult women as well as…

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"I love the topic and concept of this podcast and Jodi moves the conversation so naturally. A wise and insightful host."

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About me and my podcast

Hey, I'm Jodi, a homeschool mom to four young kids! I started this show to explore what makes a family thrive and found that our family culture is the foundation of a successful family.

All families have a family culture, whether by default or by design. This show is about how to work on designing a family culture that honors your current family, your progenitors, and your posterity.

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