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Our Modern Heritage: The NEW Home & Family Culture Podcast

I started this show to explore what it takes to have an intentional family culture! So far, I have learned that it takes getting clear on your collective and united vision, values, and traditions that create your family identity, and legacy.

Listen in as I discuss this topic with authors, experts, and other creators who care about the well-being of our families, and the impact our family culture has on the success of our families and the future.

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Episode 059: Seven at Sea with Erik and Emily Orton

Like I discussed in Episode 058, nothing will disrupt your family dynamic like a crisis, or a challenge. Rather than face a major crisis, the Orton family chose to create disruption in their family culture by creating a challenge in the form of an adventure! In 2014, Erik and Emily set sail on a 38’ catamaran…

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Episode 058: Crisis and Family Culture with Jodi Chaffee

I often refer to my situation as being in crisis mode. Being in this attitude of living is not very conducive to an intentional family culture! A crisis can impact your family to come together and bond, but it is NOT ideal. Often, however, it isn’t the crisis, situation or struggle that matters as much as what…

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Episode 057: Struggling Through Divine Discontent with Jodi Chaffee

In a talk given at a Woman’s Conference in October, Michelle Craig discussed the concept of “divine discontent.” Neal Maxwell often used this term in his speeches to describe times when God unsettles our comfort to inspire us to make a change in our lives. Craig describes divine discontent like this: “Divine discontent comes when…

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Episode 056: Wax On with Jodi Chaffee

If you haven’t seen the classic film The Karate Kid then you are seriously missing out, and your childhood was deprived! One of the things that makes that movie a classic is when Mr. Miyagi is supposed to be teaching Daniel La Russo how to do karate, he makes him do his house chores instead. He has…

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Episode 055: The Family Board Meeting with Jim Sheils

When my oldest turned nine this year, it really dawned on me that we are already halfway through her childhood, and that we only have as much time left with her as we’ve had so far. It was alarming to think that we really only have nine short years left with her! This idea that…

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Episode 054: “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required” with Marissa Levin

Every culture needs to be intentional. Establishing your values starts with understanding that you are a leader as a parent, and that you are always being observed by your children. Always being honest as a parent is the foundation of integrity for your family. It all starts with us leading out with our example of…

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About me and my podcast

Hey, I'm Jodi, a homeschool mom to four young kids! I started this show to explore what makes a family thrive and found that our family culture is the foundation of a successful family.

All families have a family culture, whether by default or by design. This show is about how to work on designing a family culture that honors your current family, your progenitors, and your posterity.

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