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I have been singing all my life. When The Little Mermaid came out when I was just a kid, I was certain that I sounded JUST like her! Ha!

I went on to sing a little in church, and I sang "The Wind Beneath My Wings" for my sister at her wedding.
In high school, I didn't have a choir, so I would sign up to sing solos at my band concerts for fun, and my band teacher asked me to sing The National Anthem at Varsity home games. Then, he asked me to sing at his wedding. I sang a duet of Shania Twain's "From This Moment."

My parents recognized the need for some guidance in my talents, so they looked for suitable tutors. I had one teacher who was this old woman who taught voice in Italy and told me it was customary that children never sang songs, they only did warm-ups and voice training until their voices were mature enough to perform songs!

I had a couple more teachers as I moved around the country in my early twenties with various vocal disciplines. I had one exceptional teacher who essentially taught me about the "middle" voice which I had never heard of before. I knew about head voice, and chest voice. I was pretty proficient with those! She changed my whole perspective about voice.

Still, I didn't know whether this was something I could actually pursue. I wasn't actually musical. I didn't play an instrument, except the drums, which is (debatably) non-musical. I barely know how to read music. My real talent has been with my ear, and my vocal chords. Because I lacked confidence, I didn't study music in college.

Then, my brother-in-law drew my name for the Christmas gift exchange. This was a little over fifteen years ago! He gave me the book that I would go on to recommend to anyone else who would ever ask me about singing, or who I felt had potential!

The best thing about the techniques I learned in this book is that they have carried me through some trying times with my voice. I have had problems with acid reflux, and thought I would never be able to sing again! It was rough. My voice would catch, and I would gag on nothing, and sound raspy. I held on, and kept practicing, and taking care of my health. I never realized just how important my health would be to support my voice!

I am still improving my health, and my voice, and the wonderful thing about our culture today is that even though I didn't study music formally, there are amazing resources available to help me develop my talents! With online learning and courses, I can learn how to live my dream again!

I used to think that singing was something that people just did naturally. When you have a natural talent, you don't have to do anything and you will be the next super star on "American Idol" or something, right?? Practice is for people who don't have the gift of singing well already!

I really used to believe these lies! I was ashamed of saying that I was taking lessons because that meant that I hadn't acquired this talent naturally. How silly is that?!

Well, it's because of that belief that I missed out on the chance to expand my capacity for developing my musical ability. I had what is called a fixed mindset. Challenges meant that I might reveal how delinquent my ability really was, and sticking with what I know makes me look good!

However, by the time I realized what I'd been missing, my confidence was shot! I thought about going to college for a musical degree, and I didn't have the experience to even come close to cutting it when it came to admissions.

I wish that I'd gotten a good mentor, that I'd taken ownership of my own practice, and that I had been able to stick with it even when it got hard. I never thought singing as something I could actually pursue as a livelihood.

So, why do I love to sing? Because I know now that even if I sound pretty good, if I don't use it, I lose it! Talents don't become skill until you apply the work to develop them. Talent is only just the beginning! Plus, those who push through the struggle are the ones who get the payoff!

It is never too late to start. An old proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

Now, I can do the work to develop a skill, and do more to make a difference with my voice. It might take me the rest of my life, but I would much rather start now, than keep wishing I'd started!

I love to sing because I want to leave a legacy for my kids that they can follow their dreams, and invest in their passions. I want them to know how important it is to have a growth mindset, to welcome challenges, and not be stagnant with their gifts. I don't want them to be so afraid of failure that they won't even try something new or scary.

That's what I want to do myself! Challenge and struggle means I can grow!

I first learned about Roger Love when my brother-in-law gifted me his book that fateful Christmas so long ago. The book was "Set Your Voice Free: How to Get the Singing or Speaking Voice You Want" by Roger Love. Ever since then, I have been using his voice techniques, vocal warm-ups, and recommending his book to everyone I meet that sings!

Then I discovered the Roger Love has a whole series of courses available for both speakers, and singers. Since I have been interesting in both voice acting/podcasting, and singing, I was confident his courses would be helpful for myself, and anyone I know looking to develop these skills, too! Sign up for Roger Love's The Perfect Voice Training, or Roger Love's Singing Academy, and start your own journey toward a great voice!

With The Perfect Voice’s online speech therapy training, you’ll know exactly how to sound when you talk to your friends, colleagues, business clients, strangers, potential buyers, customers, students, relatives and co-workers, whether you’re chatting at the water cooler, presenting at a meeting, leading a conference, or just happen to be in an elevator and pitching an idea.

If you’ve dreamed of being a great speaker and communicator, Roger’s program will infuse your voice with a variety of rich tones and textures that will make you stand out and be appreciated. All you need is a right voice coach, and The Perfect Voice.

Additionally, Roger Love's Singing Academy has the perfect course to launch you into the singing voice you never knew you could have! I know, that sounds corny, but it's true. Roger has coached celebs like Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, The Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato. He will teach you how to sing with your best voice, too, with "Over a $10,000 value of Roger’s world-famous star quality singing instruction."


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Singing and Family Culture

You might be wondering why this link is in my podcast site. This podcast is all about how our family culture is shaped by our family vision, and mission. I have chosen to add my own personal mission to this site because our personal mission IS our family mission. I am pursuing singing as part of my own personal mission because I have always wanted to develop my talent into a career for myself somehow. I just never really knew how. Now I'm beginning to see how. In our world of social media and online video, anyone can live their dreams and make an impact beyond what we ever could have imagined.

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